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This sustainable project was designed to be a self sustaining, low impact, communal living experience. The project consisted of 3 elements: living quarters, common areas and retail.

Self Sustaining: At our studio, sustainable living is important to us. This project included the use of sustainable elements such as rain water harvesting, grey water recycling, natural ventilation and shading. Solar energy generation can also be implemented to created a fully off grid system.

Low Impact: Continuing along the lines of sustainability, this project looked at different means of construction, and in the end we decided to use old shipping containers, which are portable and strong. The building was designed to sit above the ground plane, limiting the ground works needed for construction, creating a light footprint on the environment.

Communal Living: Finally, we wanted to address the idea of achieving high quality design at low budget within a communal setting. Using the restrictions of a shipping container, we were still able to create spaces for families to grown and interact, building much needed social skills.

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