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VOID Design Studio is a modern up and coming practice with a focus on contemporary tropical architectural design, architectural photography and digital media. The studio was created to be flexible to pursue new avenues of design and partnerships, allowing for expansion of our portfolio in the future. The studio was founded by Registered Architect, Kayode Quashie M.Arch.

Our architectural goal is to develop designs that best match our client's needs while creating a harmonious relationship with our tropical environment. In our practice, the phrase "form follows function", holds true for our approach to design.

We also believe architectural photography is an art form used to immortalise the design and intent of a piece of architecture. Our goal is to capture the beauty of a design from both inside and out and add value to our client's portfolio.

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Kayode Quashie is the founder of VOID Design Studio. Kayode holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (Hons.) and a Master's in Architecture from the Caribbean School of Architecture. Kayode has also been in the industry for over 10 years, collecting a wealth of experience that he brings to every project.

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